Leadership Development Courses

Developing future women leaders is a complex process but essential to organizational success. Our courses weave in women’s unique behaviors and attributes into the fabric of a comprehensive leadership development program.

We understand that every organization is different and has different needs. Therefore, the courses listed below are designed to be grouped together to offer a holistic approach to leadership development or offered as stand-alone courses. The full program or individual course includes in-depth discussions with your senior leaders to refine learning objectives and measurement of success for your organization.

The four-part series of courses provide a strong educational foundation for women to sharpen their leadership skills while honoring their distinctive qualities. The full series is offered to a cohort of emerging and current leaders over a four to six-week period. During the weeks between in-person classes, the pre-workshop webinars are specifically designed to continue the learning process and to introduce the next topic. Courses are delivered in-person or by synchronous and asynchronous virtual delivery.

Course 1: Authentic Woman Leadership Workshop

Course 2: Emotionally Intelligent Leader Workshop

Course 3: Influential Communication and Negotiation Workshop

Course 4: Build High-Performance Teams Workshop