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Join an exclusive 8-week group coaching program specifically designed for aspiring women leaders in the STEM fields. In a world where STEM industries often lack female representation, especially in leadership roles, this course offers a unique opportunity for women like you to break barriers and carve your path to success.

Topics include:

1. Discovering and Developing your Authentic Leadership Style: You don’t have to give up who you are and pretend to fit in. Discover ways to retain your sense of self and still rise up in your organization.

2. Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome: Stop sabotaging your success. Recognize the value you can contribute. Gain confidence in yourself.

3. Emotional Agility Development: Understand and manage your own emotions and express yourself appropriately in each situation. Build strong working relationships with effective interpersonal skills.

4. Communicating with Confidence: Understand your communication style with a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment and report. Discover how to improve your communication for clarity and impact.

5. The Art of Prioritization and Productivity: Apply techniques to manage time efficiently, set priorities, and avoid burnout.

6. Navigating and Resolving Conflicts: Discover your conflict resolution approach and how to produce more collaborative resolutions.

7. Building and Leading Dream Teams: Design an inclusive approach to team building by bringing people together with different perspectives and backgrounds to create high-performance teams.

8. What’s Next?- Wrap up the coaching program by creating your individual plan for your next career advancement.

Target Launch: July 8- August 26